Bob Schwartz

Bob Schwartz is a serial company builder and globally recognized leader of technology and consumer-facing internet companies. He has produced over $1Billion in exits for shareholders and founders via acquisitions from Amazon, eBay, Nordstrom, Packard Bell, First American, Cendant, Aetna and others.

Most recently Bob was President of Magento (sold to eBay Inc) where he and the founders built the company into a global eCommerce technology platform. In 3 years, Magento had transformed into a leader in its space with a market share totaling over 30% of all online eCommere companies in the world. In the early days of eCommerce, Bob was hired by the CEO of Nordstrom ($15B/yr fashion retailer) to start & build into an industry leader, that is doing over $2Billion a year in revenue.

Bob is a thought leader and speaker on eCommerce, Retail & Brands and has created industry leaders in diverse markets such as: Enterprise Commerce Technology, Fashion, Apparel & Shoes, Luxury Markets, Computers, Software Interface and Insurance.

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