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Technology is dramatically shifting the way every industry does business, which has created great opportunities for some and fear for many others. Bob Schwartz has spoken all over the world delivering his message focusing on “Building Great Companies and Brands in a Fast Moving Technology Driven World”.

Speaking to leaders of fast growth and fortune 500 companies. Bob delivers high energy keynotes brining together his first hand experience building and producing over $1Billion+ in exists, his years of advising fast growth and Fortune 500 companies and his personal experience leading companies like Nordstrom.com and Magento to become dominate market players.

This includes insights and keys to succeed in today’s fast moving landscape by understanding of how commerce, technology, and customer experience can come together to build something truly unique to win in this technologically driven world.

  • The Weaponization of Retail & Commerce
  • Commodity vs Brand
  • Building a Soul: Brand + Culture
  • Building Value vs Growth – its just math!
  • Conversion is the 3%, why do we ignore the 97%? Community matters.
  • Insights and Examples: including personal insights from leading Magento, Nordstrom.com and others, as well as active advising & investing relationships with fast growth technology and brands.
Bob’s personal goal is to have entrepreneurs,  fast growth and Fortune 500 leaders walk away inspired and thinking differently about what their focus as a leader needs to be to build a business into truly a great company.

Commodity vs Brand : Bought vs Sold

Building Brand with Soul – Australia

we speak globally

Major venues include: Seattle, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, San Diego, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, London, Paris, Netherlands, Berlin, and Leipzig.

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